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Ad blocking is quickly becoming an omnipresent and difficult-to-solve problem across global publishing. The worst is yet to come, and many publishers are approaching the problem in the suboptimal ways.


Every year ad blocking software attracts 70% more new users

Given the base line in a global scale exceeded hundreds of millions active ad blocking users all Freemium business models from countless publishers and quality of content are at significant risk.


360 new users download Ad blocking software every minute

That shows growing lack of acceptance for current advertising models: intrusive, inconvenient, not relevant, violating security and privacy measures. How many of your users…


Only 14% of visitors spot the Ads on your page

Recent market research claims that over half of all online ads aren’t currently viewable. Of those viewable only 14% is actually being spotted. The banner blindness makes ca 86% of visitors not able to…


Exhaustion of CPM pricing

There are many attempts to increase the banner volume in order to protect CPM margins. However, as many believe, the CPM has no bright future and less intrusive but more targeted advertising models need to start displacing old paradigms.

adMeter is a free SaaS offering brought to you by adResponse. By including the adMeter detection module on your site you will be able to track how many users are visiting your site using ad blockers. With the optional Survey module you can gather additional information on the motivation of your clients to block advertising on your page.

adMeter offers you both a quick overview as well as detailed reports on your exposure to lost CPx revenues, benchmarks to other comparable sites or services and a background on why your clients are blocking the advertisements on your site. The adMeter detection module is non-intrusive to your sites function and performance. Start today and gain valuable insights to be able to adjust and improve your advertising strategy.

Have a look at the key selected statistics and the simply and quickly check how many visitors block ads on your web page and calculate your losses.


Interested in your own ad performance?

Try our adMeter solution and measure how many visitors block ads on your website, see detailed reports and alerts.

Takes only a few minutes to install!

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adQuickCheck will now have a real-time look at your page as any user would, and will detect how many ads are displayed. Then using available traffic statistics for your site adQuickCheck will do a rough exposure estimation.

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