adResponse launches adQuickCheck

Heidelberg, May 20, 2015 – The Heidelberg-based startup adResponse has recently launched a Quick Check Service for Publishers to gain a quick overview of their exposure to potential revenue losses based on AdBlocking Technology. Of course, Online Advertising is not a simple business. Many factors are driving CPM, CPC and other CPx-type of revenues. The adQuickCheck is meant to basically offer clients an educated guess of what a clients potential exposure of revenue losses due to AdBlocking could be.

Technically, the adResponse Service „adQuickCheck“ has a real-time look at a page as any user would, and detect as best as we can how many ads are displayed. We use publicly available traffic statistics for your site (which vary greatly depending on which source you look at) and based on these numbers, we do the calculation. Users can edit some of the values to do the math on their own. This will give clients a ballpark figure of their potential exposure. On top of this, adResponse offers to perform an in-depth analysis together with clients on their site.

For more precise measurement and trend monitoring adResponse offers using their adMeter™ software.

Founded in 2014, adResponse provides new generation advertising services to help turn ads into valuable information.

adResponse operates a new generation advertising platform and helps create and manage powerful portfolios of CPM’s, CPC’s and CPO’s models to maximize the value of your ad inventory.

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