adResponse Newsletter – Issue #1

A rapid rise of ad blocking causes lots of aftereffects (often unaware) for publishers, other players in the ad chain and normal Internet users as well.

Over the past few years we observe a significant increase of ad blocking plug-ins usage and at the same time a consequential decrease of CPM rates. And now this situation becomes a vicious circle. Publishers display more and more cheaper intrusive banners to Internet Users who are installing more and more ad blocking plug-ins…

How to break off this craziness?

AdResponse is an international startup based in Germany, founded in 2014 to cooperate with firms that are looking for innovative ways to solve ad blocking and CPx revenue issues.

At AdResponse we believe advertising must be fully separated from content, relevant, delivered or available on-demand at convenient times. Advertising can be helpful, enjoyable and fun being simultaneously non intrusive, safe, and fully respecting privacy rules.

We offer a three-step approach which can help companies protect their earnings and accelerate ad revenues and offer innovative cloud-based solutions. Reading thru our website you will find what exactly are: adMeasure, adVise and adCelerate.

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And now it’s time to wish you a nice journey thru our Website!